Trophy Whores

Over the weekend PlayStation LifeStyle posted a couple of good articles on PS3 Trophies – the easiest and the hardest platinum Trophies. Entertaining reading.

These days I am not sure if I just suck at games, do not have enough time to play, do not have enough variety of games, or some other factor that prevents me from being a true Trophy whore. Nevertheless, my PS3 Level is low (I think at 3 as of this writing) and I do not believe I actually own any gold Trophies. I play games I enjoy, and if I get a Trophy or two along the way, so much the better.  I will admit that I am 47% or so of the way complete with Super StarDust HD, and I am actually trying to get all the Trophies; some of the last ones are just brutal!

I doubt I will be picking up the Hannah Montana: The Movie anytime soon just to get my first platinum Trophy. Then again, I did actually review the PSOne classic Spice Girls game. I am making up the “classic” part, not the actual review part!


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