UGA = 2011 SEC East Champions

Yes, UGA overcame a 0-2 start to finish the drill and capture the SEC East crown.

On Saturday, his Bulldogs finished this latest drill. Yes, they were aided by a schedule that eased after the back-to-back whammy of Boise State and South Carolina, but it isn’t as if Georgia backed into anything. It has won nine consecutive games, beating Tennessee and Florida and Auburn en route, and it finished 7-1 in SEC play. (Let’s note that South Carolina took the East with a 5-3 record last season.)

Richt: “It’s hard to win nine in a row. We’ve done something special.”

Yep; regardless of some these SEC stalwarts having a down year (no one outside of the SEC wants to read this), it is still very difficult to win week in and week out.

Even after 11 games and nine victories, it’s hard to know just how good Georgia is. The Auburn victory was the only time the Bulldogs thrashed an SEC opponent, and for long stretches Saturday they flailed against the worst Kentucky team of the new millennium. But they won. Since the night of Sept. 10, they’ve done nothing except win.

Said Richt: “I don’t know if we’re a great team, but we’re SEC East champs.” [Source: Same as previous ajc reference]

Not to look past the wrecking wreck of Tech next weekend, the team to capture the SEC West will be strongly favored; however I like the Bulldogs chances.

It doesn’t end there. Arkansas can beat LSU Friday and move all the way to No.1 – and still not play in the SEC Championship Game. A Hogs win would force a three-way tie in the West Division, and the conference tiebreaker is reduced to head-to-head when two teams are within five spots of each other in the BCS rankings.

If Arkansas and Alabama are Nos. 1 and 2, Alabama would play in the SEC Championship Game by winning the SEC tiebreaker. Of course, Auburn could still beat Alabama next weekend and take the Tide out of the equation – and after what happened Saturday, would it really be a surprise?

Should be a fun time watching how this plays out.

Go Dawgs!


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