The High Life

Every once in a while we have to talk about beer – it is sort of the American way. It has been an extremely long week. In fact, last night I found myself ordering Domino’s Pizza for the crew at work, which was sort of a strange feeling because the last time I ordered pizza for a late night was the week my dad passed away. Anyway, strange how things like that stick with you.

So I found myself wanting a beer after work last night; a quick stop at Mr. B’s and I found myself with the “champagne of beers” – Miller High Life Light. I am not sure if I have ever had a regular High Life; if I had, it has been years past, and I have never had the “light” version. The price was right – under $10 for a case of 18 delicious cans – and the taste is refreshing for cheap beer. Not sure if I can tell the taste between Miller Light and HLL, but as I said, for cheap beer you cannot go wrong with The High Life Light.


One thought on “The High Life”

  1. I take it that’s what happens when you drink American beer then ? You feel the urge to namecheck millions of health care products ?

    I can sympathise – Budweiser and Miller often induce the same feelings in me, albeit without the URL’s :)

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