Final (Sexual) Fantasy XIII-2

A semi triumphant of T&A Sunday; there is some ‘good’ news coming out of the ESRB, via PlayStation LifeStyle:

During the course of the game, a handful of female characters wear revealing outfits (e.g., low-cut at the pelvis, moderate amounts of cleavage)

Seriously, everyone has to be happy about this decision because now we can draw attention away from the quality of the next Final Fantasy game, instead concentrating on T&A, and how the game industry betrays female gamers. Yes, definitely ‘good’ news all around.

Of course the way some young girls dress (or rather don’t dress) these days makes the argument of sexualizing female digital characters almost pointless; however I think I will not digress into social commentary. Besides, I’m confident that some nut-wing conservative group will do us all proud and pick up the cause, thus further encouraging gamers, and increasing sells. See, everyone comes out a winner.

Happy Sunday morning!


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