Lawyer is gone. Is Brooking next?

It looks like the Falcons are going to let Lawyer Milloy explore his options via Free Agency, and Keith Brooking could be next.

First up is Lawyer. He has been a solid safety over the last three years, but he is 35 and has lost several steps. His on the field leadership is second to none, but it really is time for him to move on. If he cannot find greener pastures, I could see him returning to the Falcons on a one year deal to add some depth to the team, and provide some leadership and training to his drafted replacement.

Now to Brooking. Despite being selected to the Pro Bowl five times, Brooking has never been among the league’s elite players. Others would say vastly over rated, and while I will not go that far, it is time for him to part ways. I will never forget him aimlessly running down the field during the St. Louis game as the play was going on behind him. Pat him on the back. Tell him thanks for the memories. Move on.

Me thinks the draft will be fun to watch this year as the Falcons look to overhaul their secondary, find a serviceable TE that can act as Ryan’s safety net, and of course figure out what to do with the defensive line.


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