Bosher’s Long Term Impact?

It damn well better be good because so far Bosher has sucked … badly. In fact, he was so bad the other night against the Eagles, that I thought the Falcons would bench him on the spot. Of course they couldn’t (no other options); still, he was awful.

Then, there is Matt Bosher, the sixth-round draft pick who replaced Koenen in Atlanta. Things haven’t started smoothly for Bosher. His gross punting average is 36.8 yards and his net is 35.1 yards. Bosher had an 18-yard punt out of the end zone in Sunday night’s victory against Philadelphia. He’s had only two of his 10 kickoffs go for touchbacks and opponents are averaging 20.8 yards per return.

It will be interesting to see how Bosher improves during the season, or if at some point he gets replaced for a more expensive (but still cheaper than Koenen) out of work veteran replacement, relegating Bosher to the practice squad for some improvement opportunities.


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