1-1 Falcons Chase Vick From Georgia Dome

What a great game! This is my fourth consecutive year owning season tickets, and this victory was absolutely one of the most gratifying and exciting games to date. There have been some exciting games – last minute victories over ‘da Bears’ and Ravens, and of course really bad loses – Packers in the playoffs last year comes immediately to mind.

This victory was important because maybe at long last, maybe we (or the ATL Vick loving crowd) have finally put the Vick saga behind us. I hope the man has changed his life for the better, but it is high time for the Falcons to move on. It is Ryan’s team. And when it mattered most, Ryan delivered.

Of course I could spend all day writing about all the good and bad stuff, but I am exhausted. 90 minutes to ATL, 4 hour tailgate, 3+ hour game … we made it back to the hotel really late … or early depending on your point of view. I think I was in bad a few minutes before 2AM. Ouch.

After all of that, it would have sucked if we gave the game away in the closing seconds. And the Falcons almost did …

ON THE VICTORY FORMATION: That was probably a coaching error. We need to run the ball. Not probably, it was a coaching error. In terms of the mindset that was not the proper way to do it, but we were able to get through it. We don’t play perfect games, we don’t coach perfect games. [source: AJC.com]

Gee, you think? The Falcons almost below the win by not being able to run out the clock, or more appropriately, taking a knee, on three consecutive plays, not realizing that they would punt the ball back to the Eagles’ DeSean Jackson with 15 seconds on the clock.

Of course a win is a win, and I cannot think of any in recent memory bigger than this one, as ATL maybe (just maybe) finally closed the book on Vick.


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