Falcons still seeking a new home

It looks like the Falcons are still intent on moving into a new stadium. According the ajc, Arthur Blank is pretty insistent on a new home for the Falcons.

Whatever happens, Blank said the Falcons need to play in a new stadium not only to keep their competitive edge but to help Atlanta maintain its image as a world-class city. Blank has said previously that he wants a new stadium when the bonds sold to the Georgia Dome are paid off, probably around 2015 to 2020. He mentioned Thursday that the team’s lease of the state-owned facility expires in 2020 or when the bonds are paid.

“The Falcons are falling behind other teams in the NFL in terms of the experience for our fans,” Blank said at the Atlanta Press Club Thursday.

It is not like 2020 is just around the corner, but I guess it is never too early to try to protect and capitalize on your investment.


2 thoughts on “Falcons still seeking a new home”

  1. Sounds like he wants luxury boxes and a chance to charge personal seat licenses.

    Do the Falcons sell out? I thought the Braves had problems filling the stadium even in their winning days.

    NFL may be reaching the limits of its popularity. Cowboys have no takers for naming rights to the new stadium. We’ll see how the Giants and Jets fare but the Yankees aren’t easily selling their high-priced tickets.

    Who knows what happens with the CBA renegotiation and if the economy continues to be sluggish. NBA may see their salary cap go down next year or the year after.

  2. I am not sure if the Falcons sell out every game. I think they did for several years doing Vick’s run, but then of course they ran into some apathy. Now I think the games are sell outs, but it seems like the Dome is never full.

    Who knows what I will be doing in 2015-2020. If I am still a season ticket holder I think I would puke on an PSL thrown my way. I think Mr. Blank does want better luxury boxes, better facilities, the excitement and buzz that comes with a new stadium. All that stuff would be good for the Falcons.

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