NFL Preseason Blunders

Last’s nights Falcons 21-7 loss to the Ravens was an absolute disgrace. Some of the worst football ever. As the Falcons complete an 0-4 preseason campaign, you have to wonder what was the point?

According to Head Coach Mike Smith, the Falcons were all about not providing season ticket holders with any sort of ROI. In other words, fuck the fans.

OPENING STATEMENT: Tonight, we obviously rested several or our No. 1 players as we get ready to go for the regular season. Our No. 1 goal is to be as healthy as possible for that first game. That’s one of the things we accomplished tonight. We also wanted to get one last look at several players. There are a lot of guys fighting for roster spots. When I say a lot, there is a handful. We obviously saw some guys step up. We saw some guys that didn’t necessarily take care of business. We’ve got a bunch of decisions to make. Over the next 48 hours that’s what we’ll be doing. We have to get our 53 guys together to open this 2011 season.

In fairness, I actually do understand the point of the preseason, trying to keep everyone healthy going into the regular season and getting a chance to see how a handful of guys fighting for roster spots perform. I just think it is a travesty that season ticket holders get charged full price when everyone knows that the games are meaningless.

Maybe I will write a letter to recently promoted Falcons CEO Rich McKay. Not that it will matter or anything, but sometimes bitching and moaning makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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