Mel B – Week 3 Update (Slacker)

I’ll hit the summary first; I only managed bookend workouts this week. I am now at 3400 calories burned via Get Fit, and I dropped another 1-2 pounds this week. So that is 4-5 since I started three weeks ago, although this week adding in two soccer practices certainly did not hurt my cause.

Day 15
I started week three by changing my goals. I selected Lifestyle, keeping up with the kids, and Shape, pecs to die for; selected a 50/50 split for my workouts. Mel B. then put me through the paces of a 30 minute Pump ‘N’ Tone workout, which burned a very satisfying 220 calories. Along the way two Trophies popped: ‘Pumped’ (lifted the equivalent of an SUV) and ‘Bring It On’ (raised any category’s fitness level by 10).

I was impressed (I am easily amused) to see my Pump ‘N’ Tone level now sits at 85.

It may be a while before I see any more Trophies. I know I keep saying that, but there is very little in the way of low hanging fruit out there for me to whore. ‘Abs Of Steel’ (1000 long-arm crunches) and ‘Drop And Give Me 1000’ (1000 press-ups on toes); not any time soon. Maybe ‘Flash Dancer’ (collected over 350 Stars in a Dance Aerobics Workout), although Dancing is just not my thing. And so on and so forth – challenges, repetition, and increases in leveling are the only things standing in front of me an another elusive Platinum.

Day 16
And on the 16th day, I rested …

Seriously, I decided it was time to take a break. Kids soccer starts tomorrow with practices Tue (9 year-old), Wed (4.5 year-old), and Thur (9 year-old). I am co-coaching my 9 year-old, so I figured a day off was in order before hitting the pitch three days in a row.

Day 17
Two for two; although I did have soccer practice to help run, and we did run around a lot with the kids.

Day 18
Three in a row …

Day 19
Four days in a row without Mel B. I would say I suck, but I helped run another soccer practice. Maybe tomorrow I will hit Mel B with vengeance. To be honest, I am starting to miss my old regular routine. That’s right; I’m longing for some Mel B. Done; I’ll check out Mel B tomorrow, I promise.

Day 20
It’s Friday; bite me … I promise I will have a date with Mel B tomorrow. Really, I mean it this time.

Then again, we are having a b-day party for my oldest son who becomes a teenager Monday, August 22.

Day 21
So I finally found some time to spend with Mel B. I was expecting some sort of “… where have you been? I missed you …” type message, but no such luck.

Mel B gave me a 30 minute Fitness workout, which was good for 230+ calories. I thought I did a great job, but apparently this workout was only good for 89%. I did get a +5 Fit bump to Level 55. It is going to be slow going raising my fitness, which is strange because I feel pretty darn fit.

The problem is that a few of the exercises will not register properly no matter what. To advance, I will probably have to go into Practice mode, and figure out how to ‘game’ a few of the exercises to make sure the Move + camera tracks me properly.

I have learned that low light settings seem to work much better than bright lights. The chandelier is a definite no-no; it must be off. Natural lighting works best, but the Move cannot be anywhere near direct lighting sources (windows, lamps, etc.).


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