I’m Back!

Moving isn’t fun. Back in the good old days when it was just my wife and I packing up a couple of boxes in a small apartment to head off into the sunset, things seemed so simple. Moving my family of four plus dog, selling our house, AND buying a new home in Texas kept me busy these past weeks. We are still in-between homes. The closing for our new house occurs May 2nd, so we’ve had to get by in an apartment. With no den.

The horror. The horror.

My gaming is confined to the evenings, but I was able to fire up World of Warcraft last night and enjoy hunting for the first time in weeks. The big surprise is that the 33 MB WoW patch only took five minutes to download.

Other than that, I see that EA Sports was at it again since I last wrote an entry. Oh well. That sucks for you arcade fans out there.

I’ll have to catch up on the “news”, but I will pick up the slack while Jonathan takes care of his “stuff”.


One thought on “I’m Back!”

  1. Chris – glad to hear all is going well for you. I am actually in the middle of a lot of stuffs – doubt I will get it all done. Never enough time. Still, I did finally manage an IOSBL export, and I am somehow in the WC hunt.

    Happy to see you back!

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