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A few minutes ago I noticed that I had several PlayStation Network emails in my gmail inbox. I do not normally read the PlayStation emails; I have a gmail filter to send archive them to a specific folder. For whatever reason Sony is canceling the Underground service, which means the from address is now PlayStation Network, so a new gmail filter is in order.

I was curious, so I looked in my Underground archive and saw the email about being invited to the Home Beta. I cannot remember how or why I signed up. Maybe part of Qore? Who the hell knows? I am only a couple months behind on my Qore downloads, and I have not signed on to the PS3 in a six to eight weeks.

So maybe tomorrow I will have a reason to power up the PS3 to see what Home is all about.


2 thoughts on “Home Beta”

  1. Someone gave me a spare code so I tried it out.

    Not much to see and I’m not that interested in chatting just for the sake of chatting.

    If Sony can get 3rd parties to support the game-launching features, that would be about the only useful thing for me.

    The way EA handles lobbies and multiplayer game sessions in FIFA and NHL, there’s a lot of room for improvement. If Home lets you find other players more easily and configure the games exactly the way you want (EA doesn’t give you all the options you want), it would be a big win.

  2. Hi wco81! Good to hear from you. As you can see by what I have been posting over the last couple of months, I have been completely disinterested in videogames.

    I thought I would have signed up for the beta yesterday, but I did not even bother to turn on the PS3. Maybe today.

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