Welcome back to the PlayStation Store?

So the PlayStation Store is back online, but strangely enough, the ‘welcome back’ package is still MIA. I understand that the package is in the works, but it seems like this would have been a slam dunk for the Store’s triumphant return. I would hazard a guess that a ton of PS3 owners expected to get some free treats once the store was fully restored.

Today’s push is fairly large, with a lot of decent content, and demos. Existing PS+ subscribers can look forward to a continued stream of “free” stuff and discounts, but give me a break on offering Lilo & Stitch.

As far as the new stuff goes, this weekend I will probably take a look at this potential nostalgic gem:

Wizardry: Labyrinth Of Lost Souls ($14.99)
The popular Wizardry franchise is reborn on the PlayStation 3 system as a downloadable online title! This classic 3D dungeon-crawler remains true to its roots, with all the deep gameplay fans have come to know and love. These beloved dungeons and monsters have all been reborn in glorious high-definition, and new stories for each of the 10 main characters, breathing new life and hitherto unseen replay value into one of the old-school RPG greats.

Then again, I have such a huge backlog of games that I am not sure I will pull the strings on anything else right now. Right … probably. At least there is a demo on offer.

I doubt Sony will do the needful, but it would be really entertaining if Sony decided to post some statistics – number of Store visits, number of downloads, and number of purchased items (I know Sony would never publish money spent). Anything to show consumer confidence (or lack thereof). I can dream. It would be entertaining.

Bring on Friday!


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