Tough Day for Big-10

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. That is the sound of the Big-10 tucking their collective tails between their legs and heading back up North for another cold winter. I didn’t think the SEC was going to go 3-0 today against the Big-10, but of course they did, and in the process completely pounded the Big-10 into submission. That really was nothing, as the Big-10 failed in two other “non SEC” Bowls, going a miserable 0-5 on the day.

I have never seen such. The Michigan teams were completely out played by Mississippi State and Alabama. At least the Nittany Lions put up a fight against Florida until the closing minutes. Northwestern managed a respectable 38 points; too bad they gave up 45 to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Wisconsin showed some quality, but in the end could not manage to take down those purple Horn Frogs from TCU.

0-5 for New Year’s Day? Seriously. Pathetic.

I guess there is always Ohio St …


3 thoughts on “Tough Day for Big-10”

  1. Agreed, although watching UM get killed again doesn’t really hurt that bad. :-)

    I don’t have high hopes for OSU. First of all, I don’t think the “tat five” should be playing. I’m disappointed in “the senator” for not enforcing his own standards, instead of following the NCAA’s. Plus, I’m very disappointed that these 5 guys valued some quick cash and some discounted tatoos more than they did they’re championship rings and victories over Michigan. It’s definitely taken some of my zeal out of rooting for them.

    Honestly, I hope they all move on. The only one that would truly kill them if he didn’t play is Pryor, simply because the back up is so bad. I’ve never been a Pryor fan – he’s too much like LeBron for my tastes, and he’s hardly as good as he thinks he is. To be honest, he can’t carry Troy Smith’s jock strap as a QB. I’m ready for next year. We have a “stud” QB coming in. Let’s play and win with the kids that appreciate what they have at OSU.

    I don’t put much stock in “conference pride,” but the Big 10 was embarrassing today. Plus, the whole “ten” in their name with 12 teams is stupid; as are the division names. The sad fact is that the Big 10 is closer to the Big East or ACC than the SEC. Regardless, I’ll still root for ’em. I was born into it.

  2. I agree with you on the Big 10 the old way (+1) and the new way (+2), and the conference names are terrible.

    I am starting to feel sorry for these kids. The Sugar Bowl will pay ~$17 million to Arkansas and Ohio St. I say give Pryor and company a few duckets …

  3. I think they’re getting plenty! Approximately $100,000 worth of room, board, books, and tuition, plus $600 a month living expenses (many share apartments, so rent is only a couple hundred), and better food than any other college students. Plus, they can work off-season per NCAA rules, and they can get Pell Grants, which I think are something like $6000 per year, clear and free, if their families do not have any money. Not to mention what being an OSU alum in Columbus will mean for their future career prospects, with or without a long stay in the NFL… They got it pretty good, I think.

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