Worth Reading (Squirrel Hunting and Total Airguns).

When I am not shooting (plinking, punching paper, or pest controlling), I have been reading a couple of interesting books. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blurb that I had ordered “The Ultimate Guide to Squirrel Hunting: Everything You Need to Know to Hunt This Popular Game Animal” by Bob Gooch. I planned to write a more detailed review for this out of print book, but I have not really had much time to throw work up a review. The book is a very quick read, entertaining, but not necessarily must read material. It is not at all about airguns, but obviously squirrel hunting is an interesting topic for those of us that like to take these critters with our adult air rifles. The author focuses on squirrel hunting; no mention of the sport of pest control.

I have also been browsing “Total Airguns: The complete guide to hunting with air rifles” by Pete Wadeson. This one is a must read for me. The book is very informative, and an easy read. Even if “Total Airguns” is British centric, it contains a wealth of knowledge. I plan to review this one as well, but have not had enough time to write anything interesting.


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