Diminishing Game Play

Not to be confused with the all important gameplay review element (how a game actually plays); my game play time seems to be ever diminishing. Thankfully this new PSP thing is perfect for the gamer on the go. The gamer with a life. The gamer that has to sneak in a quick turn at Ridge Racer or quickly level up a Druid in Brotherhood of the Blade between conversations with said gamer’s better half. Yes, the PSP is revolutionary, but in ways that matter to this gamer most – game play (time).

Seriously, my game play time seems to have been misplaced somewhere between the crapper and somewhere else that should not be mentioned on a family network. Of course there is the “life excuse” (as in get one and you will understand), but there is also the “my six year old son wants to play Zelda (or Need for Speed)” excuse. Joshua gets to play my PS2 and GC so much more than I do that I think I am going to become seriously jealous at some point. Why should he get to have all the fun, while I languish in gaming purgatory?

Of course I jest. Well maybe I am only a little bitter and slightly jealous, but only a little. After all, I can put Joshua on restriction if I need the TV or controller.

These days I may not have much game play time at my disposal, but most days I am able to get in some PSP action. Thankfully the PSP has this wonderful sleep feature that allows me to latterly play for a few minutes, sleep, play some more, sleep until tomorrow, play some more, sleep; you get the picture. The PSP is a dysfunctional gamer’s wet dream.

With the introduction of the PSP into my gaming library, I have actually been able to get my video game fix daily. In fact, assuming that I only have 30 minutes to play on a typical weekday, prior to the advent of the PSP I would just pass up gaming in favor of something else. With the PSP, I can easily get in that 30 minutes, watch a game of baseball, tighten up the graphics, and event talk to my wife.

Fantastic? You bet, but I have no idea WTF those guys on that advertisement are talking about when they tell their boss that they have to “tighten up the graphics.”


3 thoughts on “Diminishing Game Play”

  1. Do you get more gaming on the PSP because you recover time during the day to take advantage of its portability — use it on your lunch break, commute, etc. — or you’re just able to use it while the TV is being used for something else?

    People seem to like the sleep and instant resume capabilities. No need to worry if there is an in-game save mode.

  2. wco81 – Portability is one reason why I get to play more. I can play at lunch, when I go to the in-laws’ house, and when I travel. The second reason is because I can play while the family is watching a movie (or just in the same room doing something), and I can play while I am rocking my youngest child to sleep.

    The biggest advantage for me is that I can play for 5-10 mins (say two races in Ridge Racer or Wipeout) and then put the game in sleep mode. I imagine that it would take forever to play a game of Madden this way, but it will be very useful to play a quater, sleep, play some more an hour later, sleep, and then finish up the game the next morning.

    Not that I am giving up console gaming, but it is easier for me right now to get in time with my PSP.

  3. Believe it or not, I have never played my PSP in a … er … certain room. Until yesterday that is. I figured, why not get in some hack-n-slash with Brotherhood while I was, ah, taking care of business, if you get my meaning. Probably too much info, but it is yet another way for me to get in some extra play time. Maybe of dubious quality, but never the less, more play time.

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