Heavy Rain Lights Up The N4G Charts

I should have titled this one “Oh what a little T&A will do for you!” but wanted to keep this article strictly business. LOL – maybe I should just do a reply for T&A Thursday and compare scores as the week progresses, but I digress.

I decided to take a quick look at the latest news and notes on N4G, and was not at all surprised to see a story about sex, in this case the ESRB’s description of Heavy Rain’s sexual content, lighting up the charts. The article currently sits at 740 degrees, and is sure to move up later today. A holiday will do wonders for your T&A hits when all the horny teenagers have nothing to do except surf for soft porn.

For what it is worth, in this case I specifically did not quote any of the T&A content from the article so as to keep references and hits somewhat on topic.


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