Sleeping Beauty (Blu-ray)

If you are a fan of Disney classics, and appreciate the finer glory of Blu-ray, you must check out Sleeping Beauty. It has been years since I have seen this classic. I watched it over the weekend with my youngest son, and I was left with “wow” as the best description I can offer.

Not only is Sleeping Beauty a timeless story, but the Blu-ray version of this moving is simply stunning – the vivid colors and art style are a sight to behold. I also made a second viewing with the commentary track, which has highly entertaining due to the intelligent comments and the picture-in-picture snippets.

Disney is about to place Sleeping Beauty in the “vault” [per] which means no more Sleeping Beauty for a few years. This may or may not be a big deal – fans of the movie have probably already picked it up, but as new Blu-ray adaptors look for the movie they will have to go the expensive “collectors” route on eBay and other second-hand markets.


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