2010 Falcons Schedule Revisited

I guess it’s probably bad form to quote myself, but I say screw it; after all it is my site! A couple of days ago I was lamenting on the Falcons tough 2010 schedule [2010 Atlanta Falcons Schedule Littered with Playoff Teams]:

“The 2010 Atlanta Falcons schedule will be good for fans, but suck for the Falcons chances to make the Playoffs.”

Have I mentioned before that I love Pat Yasinskas’ NFC South Blog? I am sure I did; at least once or twice. I digress. Mr. Yasinskas has posted that the Falcons would-be difficult schedule turns out to be not so tough. Probably.

“According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Atlanta Falcons have the division’s hardest schedule in 2010. But the good news is the schedule ranks No. 20 in the league.”

It’s not like the two games against division rival Tampa Bay, and road dates with Cleveland, Seattle, and St. Louis make this schedule a gift horse.


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