Finally! Remote Play Success!

As my last article went to press, I was doing a final once over, making sure the links worked, and on the “unofficial” Remote Play thread the following text jumped off the screen and slapped me in the face:

** For users experiencing their PS3 turning on by itself, try placing your PS3’s static IP outside of the DHCP range of your router and also try disabling UPnP on your router **

To be honest, I have done everything; setting adjustments after setting adjustment. It all plays out like a bunch of black magic, and while I would occasionally get Remote Play to work over the Internet, I could never prevent the random PS3 start up, which made it all but impossible to use my PS3 in Remote Play mode.

Well, I never tried turning off UPnP. I thought that was the one setting that was an absolute must, but after turning off UPnP, my PlayStation never false started. A short while ago I made a preemptive Father’s Day run for some Modelo especial, and stopped in the parking lot of a local Bar and Grill that had a wifi hotspot. I turned on the PSP, scanned for a connection, and then started Remote Play. After a few seconds, I was connected to my PS3! Holy Toledo Batman! We have a winner …

Serious lag was an issue as I navigated the menu, making navigation a complete chore. I watched a couple of video clips, and while the lag was not horrible, it was noticeable. I think I could probably best describe the video streaming as a little lag and slight stutter, but not enough to distract from the experience. If I was not looking for issues, I am not sure if I would have noticed. Next I jumped into PixelJunk Eden, it too suffered from lag, but overall it played OK. Let’s score this one as decent, but from time to time there were some noticeable performance issues.

I am not going to declare victory until Remote Play works again tomorrow, but I think I finally have this tough nut cracked. What a major pain in the ass this has been, and the sad part was I was about to give up. Actually, I think I have given up three or four other times; I am a persistent SOB, so it was only a matter of time.


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