Indianapolis 500 Legends DS

My brother wanted to get Nathan, my seven year old son, a DS game for Christmas; something bargain bin’ish in the $15 and under price range. Not because he is cheap mind you, but because the boys already had a haul worthy of Fort Knox. I picked out Indianapolis 500 Legends (Indy 500) because it looked interesting and because my middle kid likes Indy racing. Of course this is a “legends” game, so he does not recognize any of the drivers, but that is only a minor quibble for a seven year old getting a new game for Christmas!

Indy 500 has received really poor reviews; it has a metacritic score of 51 (based on 8 reviews). Nathan does not read the reviews, so he has no preconceived notions about the game. To him it is fun, but a little on the difficult side.

I gave Indy 500 a go last night and earlier this afternoon, and I am actually digging it. This is the type of game that I thrive on – a racing game that has limited appeal to all but the most diehard of racing fans. My hands were not made for a DS; after several races and missions, my thumb is score from holding down the “A” button (gas), and my hands feel cramped, which is a small price to pay for a couple of hours of fun.

I have only played a couple of 10 lap races, and worked my way past the first set of 1961 missions, which unlock A.J. Foyt, but I enjoyed the game enough to plan to spend some more time with it later this week. I am not sure if that is a testament to Indy 500, or more of a sign of my current gaming funk, which I suspect has been brought on in my dotage.

I am not sure if Indy 500 will have any sort of lasting appeal since it only includes a single track (Indy), but I think Indy 500 should provide a few hours of fun working my way through the various missions.


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