FedEx. Service that sucks.

My new Dell Inspiron 1525 was due to arrive today, but unfortunately, no one was home when the FedEx person stopped by the house. I decided to call FedEx and ask if they could try to deliver again today or if I could pickup the laptop from the main FedEx delivery/shipping station.

What does the FedEx customer service rep tell me? First, I would have to put a “hold” on the package in order to be able to pick it up from the local delivery/shipping office. The kicker is that this requires two business days. Second, the CSR could not tell me when FedEx would attempt to delivery tomorrow. I explained that I needed to know to ensure that someone was at the house to accept delivery of the package. I was basically told so out of luck; delivery times were not defined.

Next I explained that I actually paid for second day shipping, not for three to five days service. I was told that there was really nothing else that could be done to solve my problem. You have to be kidding me, right? When I explained that this approach was not very customer service friendly, I was told that was just the way it is.

Un-f’ing believable. You would think in times of poor economic conditions that every company would do everything they could in order to maintain high customer satisfaction and in order to retain customers. Not FedEx.


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