Falcons host the Bills

When was the last time the Falcons were favored by 9 points? It is enough to make you think that the Falcons are a dominant team, not injury plagued, and headed to the playoffs. Of course all three assumptions are incorrect.

Ryan should play, but I expect that Turner will sit this one out. He just cannot seem to get that ankle healthy. The Falcons are getting so many points because the Bill’s QB situation is up in the air. Will the Falcons face the NFL debut of Brian Brohm?

For me a key to the Falcons success is always the ability to pound the ball on the ground, controlling the clock, setting up the play action pass for Ryan, and perhaps most importantly, keeping Atlanta’s poor defense off the field. One of the Falcons “official” blogs (J.Mike’s Missives) has this appalling stat:

“Atlanta allows a score in the red zone 79 percent of the time.”

Actually I am not sure how this compares to the rest of the NFL, but it certainly does not sound good. The Falcons defense came up pretty big last week against the Jets, and they will probably do the same if the Bills come in limping with Brohm behind center.

I am about to be off to a nuts cold tailgate, but it is the last one of the year, so I am sure we will enjoy throwing around the new footballs the boys got from Santa.

Go Falcons!


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