Falcons defeat Bills 31-3. One win from making franchise history!

I just got back from a great Falcons victory. OK, forget the fact that the game was not actually great, but these days you take a win any way you can get one. Also ignore any arguments that the Bills have packed it in for the year. There are folks on that team that are playing for next year, either with Buffalo or elsewhere.

I told my boys on the way up to the game that if Brohm played, the Falcons would win 31-3, and win big they did. I wish I was a betting man, because today would have been easy money.

One of the few disadvantage of being at the game is that you do not actually know if someone is hurt, or why they are not playing. Right before the half Tony Gonzalez left the game limping; not sure what happened to him. And seeing Kroy Biermann kicking off was a complete trip; he actually did well … at least respectable.

So now we turn our attention to Tampa Bay and a possible 9-7 season, which would be so much better than 8-8.


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