Now Drinking – I’ll have a stout.

I thought the timing on this article on stouts was perfect. Just a couple of days ago the mercury was dropping fast, so I picked up some Guinness Draught (4 15oz cans). Tonight the low is all of 61F; more nasty wet weather.

Whether we’re talking imperial stout, oatmeal stout, or even the nearly extinct oyster stout, these are not beers to be shotgunned. Stouts are made to be sipped and savored while lingering over a pint in a warm wood-paneled room near a roaring fire, making occasional references to football of either sort. And while traditionally stouts contain less alcohol than other beers, many modern stouts have upped the alcohol content – perfect for wiling away the hours.

While Guinness, an Irish stout, is by far the most popular, the brewing renaissance of the last decade hasn’t left stouts behind. Literally hundreds of intriguing and incredibly tasty takes on the genre are available from liquor stores around the country. We rounded up several of these in a recent tasting. All should be available in any reasonably well-stocked shop, or online.

I love a good stout, but it is definitely a cold weather only beer of me.


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