Falcons play well, but fall to the Saints 26-23

I decided to man-up and take the boys to yesterday’s Saints/Falcons game, rain be damned. OK, so a tailgate was not on the menu, so we decided to stop by a McD’s on the way up. Not as good as what I would have serve up, but better than getting soaked. My normal tailgate spot is about a 10 minute walk from the Dome (assuming light traffic) … after a game it takes a little longer to navigate the crowds.

Let’s cut the BS and get to the end game summary. The better team on this day may not have been the Saints. The Falcons were ultimately done in by some strange play calling on their last two series. At times the officiating was enough to make me throw up [not really, just an expression]. Michael Jenkins had a chance to pull in a bomb off his fingertips, but instead let the ball fall to the turf. For the second week in a row, the Falcons could not convert on short yards, this time it cost them the game as their last pass attempt on 4th and two barely managed to pass the line of scrimmage.

Unlike last week, this Falcons team did not quit. If you look at the box score, except for the Saints dominating time of possession, you may be surprised to see the Falcons played the Saints evenly. All this without Ryan, Turner, a healthy offensive line; really a list that is really too long to write about now.


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