Sunday Sports

It is always a good day when Ferrari finishes at the front of the pack. As I alluded to below, I hate that Ferrari clinched the Constructors’ Championship on a technicality (Mclaren being dismissed), but I love Raikkonen and Massa finishing one-two this morning at Spa.

Switching to the Chase, I hope we will see another tweak in the format next year. I hate that Gordon’s points lead was dismissed at the start of the “playoffs,” but I do like the idea of awarding bonus points for victories. There should be some sort of “home field” advantage for winning the “regular season” – say a 20 or 30 point bonus, which would be equivalent to 2-3 wins. I am going to go with Gordon or Stewart to win the Championship; too close to call … going to say Gordon.  [edit:  forgot that Gibbs is leaving GM, so that is really going to hinder Stewart’s chances; Gordon is still the pick.]

The Falcons will take another one on the chin today, this time at the hands of Jacksonville. It will not be pretty; the Jaguar defense will stifle the ATL’s rushing attack, and poor Joey will suffer sacks, hurries, and another couple of picks. 27-13 Jacksonville.


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