Monsters that suck.

Mmmmm. Gnome Stew. I stumbled across this site looking for some 4E materials. Now comes an article covering some of the all time worst, dare I say completely stupid monsters of all time! This has to be the funniest D&D type article I have read in a while. Then again, maybe it is the Jack and Diet Dr. Pepper. Either way, this stuff has me ROTFLMAO.

Player: “Wait…did you say ‘You see a T-rex up ahead’? In a fantasy game?”

GM: “Yep. Its jaws are glistening with saliva as it turns its –”

Player: “Fuck you, man. I’m going home.”

Seriously. Any DM [it’s a DM dammit!] that pulls this shit on me can kiss my little white ass. Hey, just trying to get in the spirit of things.

BTW – In the comments section of the campaign built around stupid monsters are a couple of great links …

I guess that is it for stupid monster stuff.  I am laughed out.


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