Like I need a hole in my head

So the Falcons are going to sign Harrington to a two-year deal to compete for the backup QB spot. Joy; exciting news.

Saturday and Sunday proved to be great for HD sports viewing. I finally got to see the Braves in full HD glory as part of Saturday’s FOX broadcasts, parts of two MLS games, some of the Masters, some random baseball games, and parts of a Bush and CART race. That Masters one is crazy; I am not much for watching golf on TV, but I am a fool for the HD broadcasts. I think some of the broadcasts are higher resolution than standard definition broadcasts, but not wide screen (i.e. sidebars on the screen). Not sure of the technical terms, but even the broadcasts that are not full HD (for lack of a better description) such as tonight’s AFL game on ESPN2 HD just look impressive.

Speaking of impressive, for some reason I had Cinemax HD over the weekend. Cinemax HD, plus being up late with Joseph, plus nothing being on while I am up late with Joseph, equals getting to appreciate HD. It also makes for a hell of a run-on sentence. HD is grand.

Not a whole lot of gaming going on besides OOTPB 2007. I have been experimenting with a couple of historical simulations and a fantasy league or two. I always find it interesting to see if I can change history – how well would the Braves do if they did not make that stupid trade for Len Barker in 1983 (Brett Butler and Brook Jacoby)? I will try to post more because this game deserves to be purchased.

Over the weekend I discovered Red Guitar, which is a great every day Spanish wine. I included the link to give you a nice picture of the label, which is a great part of the wine tasting experience. Much like cheap beer, I try to keep my every day table wine at $9.99, and this was on sale for $7.99. Going to try to land a case of the stuff later this week.

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Like I need a hole in my head”

  1. Great question. GA Tech is in downtown ATL, but no one would consider ATL a Tech town (except for the bumble-bee alumni). When I lived in ATL (93-98) I hardly ever ran into anyone that was an ATL native. That is one of the main reasons you go to Falcons, Braves, Hawks, etc games and see so many fans of the other teams.

    I think ATL gets a bad rap as a poor sports town. I could go on all day on the topic, but you asked about NFL or UGA. I would have to say give it to the Dawgs.

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