More PS3 Doom and Gloom

I ran across this Dallas Morning News article via The author paints a pretty dire picture for Sony:

“So Sony has two choices: slash the price (and a $100 discount may not be enough anymore) and hope that higher game sales can offset the hardware loss. Or get out of the home console business and focus on handhelds.”

I do not see that happening. I am not sure what Sony will do if things do not turn around by this time next year, but I assume they expect PS3 system and PS3 game sales to start improving as the holiday season rolls around.

Now this bit is just ridiculous:

“But Sony’s console isn’t seen as the system for the hard-core gamer, as is the 360. It’s seen as the system for rich people who already own a 360 and are looking for something frivolous to spend their cash on.”

Wow. This is almost like troll bait on a message board. Interesting read without that last part, and pretty much along the same lines as everyone else is reporting. Sony looks like they are in serious trouble.


2 thoughts on “More PS3 Doom and Gloom”

  1. It hasn’t been out a full year yet. There haven’t been any big games either.

    Not saying it will sell like hotcakes at $600 but I don’t know if the situation is that dire for Sony as a whole yet. Their Bravias sell well and I would imagine their movies division has been doing okay with Da Vinci Code and Spiderman 3.

    Of course, the PS2 still sells well and that is pure profit for them. Meanwhile, as poorly as PS3 has been selling, the X360 isn’t exactly on a tear like the PS2 was at a comparable period.

    So I don’t see the Xbox as this juggernaut. Halo3 may separate the X360 further from the PS3 but then again, a lot of hardcore Halo fans may already have bought an X360 (or several if the stories about people buying several after repeated hardware failures are true).

    The PSP is selling nicely. Not like the DS of course but at a higher price point, it seems to have built up momentum. That may be the best Sony may have to hope for the PS3, to gradually build up momentum. Unless the millions who bought games like GT and FF have completely abandoned Sony already and won’t buy PS3s even when the PS3 versions of those games come out.

    The Wii, I think software hasn’t sold as well as the hardware volume should dictate. So all 3 consoles will be undergoing big tests this Christmas.

  2. wco81, thanks for the comments. I wonder how many systems Halo 3 will push? I bet that Halo fans already have a 360 (pretty much what you said).

    I assume the recent PSP price drop should help sales, but I do not see it closing in on the DS any time soon.

    My kids really want a Wii, but I am not going to get one as part of a bundle. Every time I go in Best Buy, Circuit City, or Target, they never have a Wii in stock. There are usually 1-3 PS3 systems, and several 360s in various configurations.

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