FIFA 2010 scores start off as a mixed bag

I did not get home in time to take FIFA 2010 for a spin last night; hopefully today will be a different story. Checking out the metacritic scores today I noticed some strange extremes between the reviewer scores (91% based on 40 critic reviews) and the user votes (7.2 based on 12 votes).

As the game gets circulated I am sure that the numbers will converge a little, but if the user votes remain 20 percentage points lower than the critic reviews something is amiss.


2 thoughts on “FIFA 2010 scores start off as a mixed bag”

  1. I’ve been reading the FIFA UK forums for a couple of weeks.

    There are a fair number of complaints, such as pinball passing and the defenders being able to catch up to any striker.

    But there are accusations that a lot of the detractors are PES/WE fanboys posting deception.

    I remember Gamespot had a UK guy praising FIFA 09 over PES, like all the momentum this generation has been with FIFA over WE/PES.

    My main interest is multiplayer online and I heard PES is really bad for all online modes. Plus it lacks so many licenses.

  2. I am not a big online person, so right now I am more interested in the single player experience. The game looks like it is plenty deep, with a ton of modes – should keep me occupied for a while.

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