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I thought it would be fun (for me anyway) to share what I want and why. For starters I am primarily a sports gamer, so you can imagine that I am going to *need* a couple of sports titles. The same goes for racing: a system just is not a system with out a good racing game or three. Beyond that I need some sort of diversion that is really good for pick up and play style gaming.

I do not have unlimited funds, but I figure that I can swing the system plus 2-5 games. So here goes …

  • FIFA Soccer or World Tour Soccer PSP. I really have no idea which game will be the better soccer title.

  • Baseball. I really would like a quality portable baseball game. Right now MVP Baseball is the only one listed as a launch title. If I get a portable game for 50 bones, then I am not going to buy a console version this year, so I have to be really cautious with this selection.

  • Football. Damn, no can do here since nothing is listed.

  • Archer Mclean’s Mercury. This looks very interesting, and different; thus worth picking up because it looks to fit the pick up and play mold perfectly. Still, $50 for a marble madness clone is kind of a hard sale.

  • Ridge Racers. I am a huge fan of the series.

  • Wipeout Pure. Looks freaking awesome (in my best schoolboy voice).

  • Twisted Metal: Head On. I love TM, TM2 and TM:Black, so Head On looks interesting. Still, will it pack enough replay value to warrant a full price, day one purchase? Not really sure … more research is in order.

So right out of the gate I am over budget by at least a couple of games. I am going to wait as long as possible before deciding to pick any of the above titles.

Other items of interests, but not necessarily launch day titles/purchases are Formula 1 2004 (this would rule if it were a decent simulation), Grand Theft Auto (may be interesting to see what RockStar games does with the PSP), Puyo Pop Fever (I can play Puyo Pop all day, but not for $50), Gran Turismo 4 Mobile (the PS2 GT4 may be all the GT that I need), Colin McRae PSP (could be a true system seller for me if it plays well).

And for the record, I am not one of those gamers that mind that many PS2 type games are going to be on the PSP. There is a reason that I enjoyed certain games on the PSX and PS2, so having PSP versions for on the go play is all the better in my book. With that said, I still hope to see innovation, but I doubt we will see much out of the gate.


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  1. You know, I’ve actually pondered trading in all my Xbox and PS2 stuff, and getting 2 PSP’s for playing whenever, and wherever, we want. Part of me thinks that would be cool, but I fear I’d be giving up a lot of the season/franchise stuff I enjoy, plus Xbox Live, plus some games that the PSP doesn’t have. I’m a long way from doing something like this, but at least I’ll be watching the development of the PSP closely… Keep us posted on how you like it!


  2. Kevin – I am putting a lot of older stuff on eBay to help fund my PSP purchase. I doubt I would ever be without a console, but I think I will get plenty of gaming in on my PSP.

    Not sure about the dynasty stuff – there is no reason that Madden/NCAA Football/Soccer/Baseball/Basketball/etc cannot be supported via a memory stick save.

    How about FM2005 on the PSP? That would be scary.

  3. jc keep an eye on mlb 2006 for psp

    mlb on ps2 last year was imho the most fun baseball game since high heat hands down

    2006 looks to be incredible with all the enhancements….the psp version may be exactley what your looking for

    so keep your options open here

  4. I thought WE was coming to the PSP at some point?

    MLB is supposedly coming some time.

    I think NFL Street and NBA Street are expected at launch.

    I would assume Madden as well since they are porting that to every platform it seems (too late to do the DC any good).

    As far as giving up the franchise stuff, there is no reason they can’t have all the franchise options in a PSP game. Game save space is virtually unlimited if you buy a big enough Memory Stick Pro Duo card.

    The brilliant thing would be if you could play franchise on both a PS2 and PSP version of the same sports game. So you could play a couple of franchise games during the day, take it home at night, sync and your PS2 (or PS3 later) version will reflect the progress you made during the day. You would think publishers would have a light bulb moment where they realized that they could sell 2 copies of the same game to some gamers (PSP and PS2 versions) by enabling this kind of sync.

  5. My worry is not about the franchise stuff. As stated by a few others, there’s no reason to think that the PSP can’t handle franchises with a memory stick. My worry is about the gameplay with 2 fewer buttons than a PS2 (no L2 and R2), no second analog controller and using the analog nub.

  6. Cincy Kid – I may not buy a baseball game day 1 unless there are two to pick from. I would rather wait and see what my options are since I know there are already several (non-baseball) games that I want right away.
    wco81 – Not sure about WE, but it would be great to be able to pick between FIFA and WE. I would love to see some franchise interaction between PS2/PS3 and the PSP, but I doubt we will see this until the 2nd generation PSP titles and the PS3. I would only use this feature with football and a handfull of other games. Like I said, OOTP6 covers me good for baseball, so I doubt that I will get a console baseball game *and* a PSP baseball title.
    Jason – Gameplay could be a problem with two fewer buttons, but my understanding is that the analog nub is not that bad.

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