For Your Eyes Only

A couple of weeks ago Amazon run a Deal of the Day on the Blu-ray James Bond collections. I ended up picking up all three for a smidgen under $30 each. That is a lot of Bond; a lot of duckets for a lot of Blu-rays!

Last night I watch For Your Eyes Only which happens to be on Volume 2, and is also one of my favorite Sir Roger Moore Bond movies. I am not going to spend time reviewing the movies – other more capable reviewers have already done that part for you. I will say that I was impressed with the quality of the Blu-ray, and the extras are outstanding, especially the commentaries and featurettes. Last night I listened to some of the Moore commentary, which at times was kind of dry, but equally entertaining and informative. Then again it was closing in on midnight when I decided to call it a day, so my impression may have been different if I were not so sleepy.

I already had the James Bond Collection Volume 1 on DVD, so the real question was if the “upgrade” was worth the money. In short, yes, I think the video quality is exceptional, but I think you have to be more than a casual Bond fan to “upgrade” over your DVDs because (A) you are basically double dipping for the same content, with improved video quality (B) there is some overlap, but the DVD and Blu-ray collections do not contain the same movies. After purchasing all three Blu-ray collections, I do not have all the movies that are on DVD Volume 1. Missing movies are Diamonds Are Forever, The Man with The Golden Gun, and The Living Daylights. I assume these will be released in subsequent Blu-ray collections.


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