Marauder goes under the knife.

After failing to fix the leak in my .22 Marauder, I decided to send it to Crosman for repairs. For what it is worth, I would like to say that despite these problems, I am overall very pleased with the Marauder. This is my first experience with a PCP, and I think the Marauder provides good value for the money. The biggest plus is that the Marauder is very quiet, which makes for perfect backyard shooting.

In a perfect world I guess you could make a case that a brand new $500 airgun should not have any issues, but considering that I have been able to enjoy the Marauder, learn about basic PCP maintenance, and Crosman offered me free shipping, I cannot complain too much. Hopefully the repaired Marauder or a replacement with be back in my stable fairly soon.


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