Falcons Over The Rams …

I figure that if Vick is allowed to run around and “do his thing” then the Falcons will win 27-17, but if Vick is forced to do the pocket thing, all will be lost. A running Vick, is a dangerous Vick I think 100+ yards on the ground will result in a victory because some of those will come on designed roll-out plays, but the bulk will come from a gamebreaker type play. Talking about a QB putting up a 100 yards rushing is just plain stupid, but then again we are talking about a crazy balls-out athlete in the one called Vick.

If the Falcons can repeat the defensive trick from week two that resulted in a 34-17 victory over the Rams, the Falcons will be one win away from the Super Bowl. Applying a ton of pressure in the Ram’s backfield will be a key to the Falcons winning. No defensive pressure means a long day, and possibly the end of the season.


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