PS3 and PSPgo news and notes from IGN.

Over the last couple of days, IGN has run a couple of interesting articles. First, a general how does everyone on the IGN stuff feel about the PSPgo article. Second, an entertaining op-ed on the PS3.

The overall impressions for the PSPgo were heavily weighted on the negative side. Not that anyone said the new system sucked, but almost everyone questioned its price point.

Ergonomically it feels a bit wonky, but I’m sure I could get used to it. The nub feels smoother than my 2000, but I don’t know that I can get behind the d-pad—don’t think it’d work well for fighters. The go feels a ton more portable than the other PSP models, and that’s awesome. Just not $250 awesome.

I may pick up a PSPgo when the price drops or my PSP-1000 dies, but then again I may just pick up a PSP-3000 (or once it is released PSP-4000), which would be a better value for my money.

While I do not necessarily agree with all the points in the PS3 article, I think this clip sums it up pretty well:

Look, if Sony hammered out $300 Slims back in 2006, they would’ve taken a bite out of the Wii’s market share, never mind the 360. But in the cold light of 2009, all they can look forward to is a long, painful war of attrition against the Xbox. The “Everything Box” can’t even count on Blu-ray money anymore, since brand-name Blu-ray players retail under $200 nowadays. They might chip at Microsoft’s 7-8 million install lead, but eroding it completely could eat up the PS3’s entire 10-year life cycle at best.

Unless something major changes. Such as Sony breaking their ten-year plan to release the PlayStation 4. Or, at the risk of repeating myself, they actually meet the potential of the technology already in place. In the meantime, Sony’s going to stumble a bit more and, so sorry, some of that will be at the expense of You, The Gamer.

Sony cannot really wait a long time for the PS4. At the same time they cannot rush out a new system for fear of alienating their current fan base and all those new PS3 Slim owners. Kind of a piss poor position to be in, but in the end they brought this on themselves.


2 thoughts on “PS3 and PSPgo news and notes from IGN.”

  1. During the PS2’s time, there were 2 GT titles.

    PS3 has been out what, going on the 4th year and still no GT5?

    They won the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD war, not that the prize was as big as expected.

    Call it a night and plan to roll out the PS4 5 years after the PS3 launch or no later than 6 years after.

  2. wco81 – I know you have said this several other times, and each time I disagreed. I am sort of, kind of waffling now. The system has plenty of potential (yes – even at this point we are talking about potential); just look at some of the first party games. All prior problems aside, the main issue now is that development teams still find it too damn hard to code for the PS3 making for sloppy cross-platform experiences.

    Is the time right now to get a PS4 out the door? Somehow I think Fall 2010 is too early, but except for the folks that are buying Slims right now, I think that would be acceptable. I don’t think we will see the PS4 until 2011 or 2012; Sony is stubborn.

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