PS3 Slim tries on a new Cell.

I always find it interesting to see which stories are “burning up” the charts at N4G. Typically it is something very fanboy’ish related, a price cut (see recent PS3 Slim junk), or maybe some nice T&A. One of today’s top items is an article about the new Cell processor in the newly announced PS3 Slim.

Sony has made some enhancements under the hood to boost its processing speed and power efficiency. The gaming console will carry an upgraded version of the Cell microprocessor, which is being jointly developed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba.

The new chip has been manufactured using an advanced 45-nanometer manufacturing process, an IBM spokesman said. Based on IBM’s Power architecture, the chip delivers many performance improvements while drawing less power than earlier chips, IBM has said. The earlier console carried a Cell processor manufactured using the 65-nm process. IBM declined to provide the clock speed of the new Cell processor.

It’s smaller, it’s faster, it draws down less power, and it is cheaper to manufacture. Sounds like a winning combination, but it must be a very slow news day if this is the best we can get.


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