Gillispie Gone

In a glass half full sort of reasoning I’m kind of happy Billy Gillispie is moving to Kentucky.  I’m just tired of our head coach being linked to every single college basketball opening.  This way we at least know we’ll get two or three seasons out of his replacement.  Or so the logic goes…

Aggies value loyalty and it was clear that a good portion of the A&M faithful were getting upset over Gillispie’s constant flirtations.  I feel for the fans who rushed to purchase season tickets after he verbally agreed to a new contract extension.


3 thoughts on “Gillispie Gone”

  1. I guess a little birdie told Billy that he was in line for the KY job if they did not land the Gator. Why is it that the kids have to sit out a year if they change schools, but the coaches can change at the drop of a dime with no repercussions?

  2. What’s even sadder is how he let the players know he was going to Kentucky. No meeting, no personal phone call. He sent text messages and left a voicemail with one player. I used to hate Kentucky as a Gator fan. Now I really have a reason to despise Kentucky again.

  3. When I was much younger, I left a job that way. Problem was that I was working for a friend, we hit a rough spot, and I left with a two week notice via email right before the company Christmas part. Needless to say, we are no longer friends, and I learned a good life lesson about doing the right thing, being a man, etc. Sounds like Gillispie needs to learn the same lesson.

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