NASCAR and Cheating …

You’re not trying if you aren’t cheating? It is not cheating unless you get caught? Oops. RCR and Bowyer get it handed to them by the powers that be at NASCAR. There is a great interview with NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Director John Darbyposted at RACER:

Q: Is it possible that on-track contact could have caused the problem? The car had to be pushed in by a tow truck. Could that have caused the problem?

ROBIN PEMBERTON: We looked at a lot of different things, and we feel like we have a lot of documentation from cars for the last four years or so, and we understand that we have had cars with some severe body damage and cars without, and we don’t feel that the incidental contact from a push from a wrecker helped push this car out of tolerance at all.

RCR is going to mount a “the wrecker did it” defense, which is pretty lame considering that everyone in the garage knows that NASCAR will have none of it.

Cheating or not, I think NASCAR should doc the full 195 points plus an additional 25 or so if they are going to say that RCR cheated with an illegal spec car. I can live with them keeping the win intact; why try to f’up history, which shows that Bowyer won on the track?


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