Madden 10 Countdown: August 14 is almost here.

We are officially one week out from the arrival of Madden 10. A week and a day away from the Falcon’s first preseason game in Detroit. Maybe more importantly we are two weeks away from my oldest son turning eleven-teen. Let the countdowns begin!

I have been enjoying Bill Abner’s Madden 10 posts at The Nut and the Feisty Weasel. I have picked up a few interesting points from Mr. Abner’s posts:

-sliders work; adjustments are noticeable
-sliders need to be adjusted on All-Pro to enable AI rushing to be effective
-offensive linemen do not always block correctly
-WRs pickup a lot of extra YAC because receivers may be too hard to tackle
-unpredictably in a good way; the game has some randomness to gameplay elements
-some teams HB actually split carries, but backup HBs average very few yards per rush attempt
-draft AI looks to be much improved; rookie ratings are not over the top

I am really looking forward to Madden 10. Why? I have not played in videogame football in months. I passed on NCAA Football 10. Perhaps most important, this new version of Madden actually looks improved and fun to play.


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