New OOTP League …

I finally got brave and joined a second OOTP league: JOBL. I am taking over Orlando, which seems to be a decent team, with playoff aspirations this season. I have not hard time to study Orlando’s history, but I am sure it will be challenging to keep the team on the up and up. Will make for a fun weekend trying to learn my team, and setup some semblance of strategy.

In my other league, IOSBL I am having a hard time getting Columbus back to its winning ways. Seems like I was better at the initial draft and the early days of FA; lately my team has been a bit of a mess. Of course I am not an OOTP expert, which probably puts me at a disadvantage compared to many of the other GMs in the league, but I often dig my own ditch by trying non-traditional stuff with my team.

Hopefully I can keep up the pace, manage both teams to prosperity, and become a little more OOTP savvy in the process.


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