NCAA Football 10: Reviews that suck.

I could not help myself; I had to go hunting for NCAA Football 10 reviews. Look on the bright side, you guys get a new, albeit short, blog entry.

I understand that gamedaily is not going to focus on a sports game, so it is expected that their NCAA Football 10 review would be rather short. Maybe even simple and to the point. I am not exactly expecting details on DB AI coverage patterns, QB accuracy rates, and how the AI performs in the closing minutes of the game. However, I was expecting just a little bit more than this …

Aside from those new features, this year’s NCAA offers the same gameplay and presentation from previous installments. Because of this, what could’ve been a five-star prospect quickly became a solid backup. Unless you’re a college football fanatic, we suggest waiting for Madden NFL 10.

For those keeping score at home, let’s recap this review. Opening paragraph about three new features: Coke Zero Season Showdown, Road To Glory and Team Builder modes. This is followed by a brief paragraph on each of the features. And the review finishes with the dribble I quoted above.

Seriously. That is the entire review, which awards the game a 7 out of 10. For what it is worth, their review from last year gave the game a 7 out of 10.

So nothing has changed? Are the bugs from last year still present? Does the CPU put up a decent challenge? Is the game fun? What is Madden 10 better? Good grief. Remind me not to go to gamedaily for sports game reviews.


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