Screwed up Amazon system. Or Madden 10 preorder adventure.

Last weekend I finally broke down and preordered Madden 10 (PS3) from Amazon. I figured I would crumble into the pressure sooner or later, but Amazon was running a special deal that would also give me a $10 Amazon gift card. OK, nothing really special, but I was game. Besides, they did this same deal last year, so it was expected. Call it tradition!

I wanted to make sure I got the game on release day (Friday, August 14) so I selected Next Day shipping [$3.99 for us Prime suckers]. Imagine my surprise when the order shows me that I will get the game on the 18th. F that noise! I emailed Amazon customer support and basically told them to F-Off; WTF happened to the “release day guarantee” offer/option?

Apparently this option was not available when I placed my order, because Amazon only makes this option available when they can confirm availability of an item. WTF? Madden. You have got to be kidding me. As if. There are going to be copies of Madden 10 sitting on shelves across the country for the next 18 months. Good grief!

I was told that I had to cancel my order and place a new one. Screw that; did not want to lose my $10 gift card. I attempted to place a new (or second) order, but the “release day” option was still not being offered. This sucks. So much for Amazon Prime shipping. I may as well break down and go to a … real … store. Scary.

Just for shits and giggles I was on Amazon a little while ago and noticed that the “release day guarantee” option was now available for Madden 10. I went to my order, updated the shipping option, and selected “release day” and much to my pleasure [something like that] I am now due to receive Madden 10 on August 14th. Plus I get the $10 gift card. Plus I now do not have any shipping charges.

Happy days!


3 thoughts on “Screwed up Amazon system. Or Madden 10 preorder adventure.”

  1. Well I bit, mainly because of the $10 gift card. Got it for $56.99 with supersaver shipping.

    Not an Amazon Prime customer so release day shipping adds $6.

    In no big hurry. Was going to wait and pick it up cheaper later on but with the gift card, no taxes, it makes it palatable.

  2. Hmm, no gift cards or minor discounts for NHL 10 or FIFA 10, which at this point, I anticipate more than Madden 10.

    If Madden 10 got on the ball and had online team play, I’d be more enthusiastic, which is saying a lot since I like the NFL more than the other sports.

  3. wco81 – I was on again, off again, on again, etc … until the $10 gift card came along. So now I get Madden 10 for $56.99 + $10 gift card + same day release. Hard to beat that deal!

    BTW – I think I am looking forward to FIFA 10 more than Madden 10, but I will get them both. :)

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