Funny D&D + LOTR webcomic.

I am really now sure how I came across The DM of the Rings comic strip, rather webcomic, earlier this week, but OMG, this thing had me LMAO. At times it was so bad that my wife would look at me in bewilderment, and finally pat me on the head and say something along the lines of “I am glad my little geeky nerd is enjoying that stuff.”

So here is the deal, if you grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons, or at some point were a fan of D&D, AD&D, the various derivatives over the years, debated the merits of 1st Edition vs. 2nd Edition vs. whatever came next; and you take your Tolkien not too terribly seriously, this webcomic is for you. It has been around for a while, but if you missed out on it, check it out now!


2 thoughts on “Funny D&D + LOTR webcomic.”

  1. DM of the Rings is absolutely fasntastic! I love how the rest of the group grows to despise Gandalf as the story progresses.

    Here’s one you may also enjoy, though it is not nearly so epic, as it has just begun. Loaded Dice ( is a straight D&D webcomic that follows a group of gamers and the adventures of their characters. Beware the truly awful puns. :)

  2. Thanks – Will check out Loaded Dice. And yes, I agree that it was hilarious how the PCs grew to hate the NPC Gandalf.

    Thanks for the comments!

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