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While skimming through the Gameshark content on The Blog for the Sports Gamer, I paused long enough to notice the following sentence – “PYS4 is the best baseball game on the market.” I haven’t played PYS4 but I think I can state with almost 99.99% certainty that the best baseball game on the market is Out of the Park Baseball 2007. At least it is as far as the mighty Recycle Bin is concerned. However, it’s clear that a lot of people are going out of their way to get a Japanese PS3 baseball game playable by folks who do not speak Japanese. So PYS4 is probably a pretty good baseball game.

When did America lose the baseball cold war?

How is it that in 2007 the United States can only put Baseball Mogul and MLB The Show out as their heavyweight contenders? Why aren’t there hearings in Congress about this baseball gaming gap that has been going on too long? Yea, we have Diamond Mind Baseball still but that’s like claiming we have nuclear weapons, but they turn out to be of World War II vintage. Is this also part of George Bush’s horrible legacy? Only gaming historians will decide…


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  1. Chris, I have to assume that “best game on the market” means console based game. When did we lose the baseball code war? World Baseball Championships. Most likely sometime a while back.

    There is a lot to pin on President Bush, but not this one. LOL

    What can be done? Certainly keep spreading the good word on OOTPB 2007 – you should really spend a few minutes doing a write-up. With that said, OOTPB 2007 is a long way from mass market status. As much as we like the game, console fans want a different type of game, which must be the reason everyone is going crazy over PSY4.

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