Second Time Around Gamers

No PS3 – Day 2 begins. Not that I would have time to play anything this morning before work, but I would have enjoyed some quality time with Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction last night. On the way to Laredo, TX, the PS3 was last seen in Montgomery, AL. Yes, it is a slow news day.

Gaming on the cheap
According to GamesIndustry (link via N4G) gamers are turning towards used games and rental services at an all time high rate. The article also cites that subscription services (I am sure they mean WoW) are also cutting into new game sales.

However, while claims of increased gaming is undeniably positive for the industry, there could be a flip side. That is, money-conscious gamers appear to be spending more of their disposable income on used games and rental services and less on new releases.

Indeed, the sales of used games are calculated to be at an all time high during 2009 when compared to historical data going back to 2006. Some groups showed increases in the average number of used games bought per month of 50 per cent. In May 2009, the average number of used games purchased in the last six months was 3.51, while the total games purchased was 9.75. That gives a used game ratio of 0.36.

More than ever I am inclined to wait on certain purchases like R&C Future: ToD, and it is why I am now considering LEGO Batman for $19.99. Quality gaming experiences for substantially less than the original $59.99 price points.


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