Blu-Ray Player Prices

Now that I have a PS3, I am more in tune with all things PS3 and Blu-Ray.  Today’s Circuit City circular lists a Sony Blu-Ray player for $799.99 (original price was $999.99) and includes three free Blu-Ray titles.  I have no idea how this unit compares to the player included in the PS3, but the gap between the two is only $200.  Unless the stand alone player is far superior to the PS3, it makes sense for someone that wants a Blu-Ray player to go with a PS3.  Not sure how much longer that will be the case.


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  1. If you read around AVS Forums, there’s talk about upcoming BR players which will hit $500.

    But Pioneer will also have a $2000 Elite one as well.

    Later this year, they will finalize standards for things like BD-Live 1.1, which will give you things like interactivity and PIP with HD video in both pictures.

    Players will then have ethernet ports or perhaps wireless connections, although a lot of people are leery about their disc players being able to phone home.

    PS3, many people hope, will pick up these new features with firmware updates.

    Longer term, there are features like managed copy on the horizon. This would let you rip the movie legally. You may pay extra, to rip it to say a media server or a lower-res version to an iPod or other portable media players.

  2. From my vantage point (someone who has sat on the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 sideline for many months), it appears that Sony is putting a lot of effort into firmware updates. I am not sure I can make use of all the featues, but it is nice knowing they are there (or maybe on the way).

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