Lindy’s Southeastern 2009 Annual Comments.

Typical football annual containing what you would expect – a rundown of SEC teams, some predictions, recruiting updates, All-America Team selections, some cheerleader hotties, and a few random articles.

Besides focusing on the SEC, this annual also contains a rundown of Conference USA and the Sun Belt. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that North Texas did not get a preview. You ask why would I care? For a couple of reasons. As long time readers know, the Mean Green is sort of my adopted school. It’s my dad’s alma mater, and several years ago I picked it for my NCAA Football Chronicles series.

I thought that Louisiana Tech, a WAC school, was included by accident, but it is listed in the table of contents, it is the last team preview in the annual, and North Texas is MIA. Un-f’ing real. I guess La Tech is more Southeastern than North Texas, but seriously. Now I want to get a version of NCAA Football and repeatedly beat the shit out these Bulldogs.

The depth charts and rosters, at least for Georgia, are more or less current up to and including the Spring Games. Will Tavarres King start opposite of A.J. Green, or will it be Michael Moore or someone else? Of course more accurate and up to date info is available via the internet, but that takes away all the fun of reading the yearly publications.

I picked up this annual because (A) I usually pick up Lindy’s for SEC coverage, (B) Georgia’s A.J. Green was on the cover, and (C) I am ready for college football. For $6.99 this is more or less what I expect in an annual, but the omission of North Texas is inexcusable. You either cover the Sun Belt or you do not, so I really do not get this gaffe.


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