Qore Episode 14 to be released today.

So the latest Qore episode is on the way, and according to the PlayStation Blog, day 1 subscribers from last June will get some sort of special renewal offer. Me? I think I subscribed last July, so it looks like nothing special is coming my way.

Initial subscribers from June 2008 can now take advantage of a special renewal offer. Please check your e-mail for details. You’ll need to visit the PlayStation Store and, under the Media category, find and select the special renewal ‘thumbnail’ to avoid missing an episode.

All annual subscribers and single episode purchasers will receive an exclusive Battlefield: 1943 theme this month, and don’t forget to look for a new mini-game in the Qore Arcade. Also, in celebration of Independence Day, check out your very own fireworks launcher…

Well holy f’ing crap! We get a freaking theme for free. Good grief! I know I have already discussed Qore and Remote Play capabilities ad nauseam, but give us a break already and do the needful. Set Qore free on the PSP!

I am going to think twice before plopping down my $24 renewal. Who am I kidding? I bet I re-up at the next available opportunity. Sucker born every minute and all that crap.


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