Gaming Update

Yes, actually still around and kicking, and surprise, surprise, I have actually been playing some games. I am sure it is not what you think. For the month of February, I have laid a rotten WoW egg; $14.99 pretty much down the drain.

Earlier this week I picked up Winning Eleven: Pro Soccer 2007 (PSP) and MVP 07 NCAA Baseball (PS2). Both games are top notch, and worth the entry price. My only concern with WE is the load times, which to me seem far worse than last year’s WE9. WE is pretty much the best sports game available for the PSP, and perhaps the system’s only saving grace.

I am not sure that MVP 07 is much of an improvement over the under appreciated MVP 06, but I am a college baseball fan, and decent PS2 games are few and far between. I love the analog pitching (“rock and fire”) and batting controls, which are nicely implemented. The gameplay is spot on, fielding, throwing, variety of hits, etc. The commentary gets redundant after a few innings, and the rosters are a mess (have only explored UGA and Texas they seem way off to the 2006 0r 2007 real life teams).

I have several upcoming trips, including one to Costa Rica this weekend, so this is pretty much now or never for my PSP. If I do not feel like I can get decent value during 32 hours in the air, then it is past time to cut my losses and throw this thing up on eBay.


2 thoughts on “Gaming Update”

  1. Why does it take 32 hours to fly to Costa Rica?

    Is that both ways?

    Long way to go to surf. 😉

    I once spent hours on a flight playing Bejeweled on the seat-back entertainment system. But only intercontinental flights have those.

    Otherwise, it’s either the in-flight movies or iPod for me.

    Nintendo DS might be okay for killing a lot of time playing puzzle games. But I take too much electronic stuff as it is.

  2. LOL – 8hrs for the Costa Rica trip (4hrs each way). Follow that up with a trip to the UK (8-9hrs going and 9hrs back). Followed by another Costa Rica trip (8hrs) and we get to 32hrs of travel. Of course that does not include the 90mins to/from the ATL airport, the trains in the UK, and the crazy roads in Costa Rica. Makes for a tired me. :)

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